Lévis Refuse

Lévis Refuse les compteurs intelligents d'Hydro-Québec

Les compteurs intelligents d’Hydro-Québec créent une révolte

[Article en anglais]

5 janvier 2015 – Source : Sun News Canada

MONTREAL – Hydro-Quebec’s smart meters have sparked a revolt, with some customers using metal bars and even birdcages to block their installation.

Reasons for the revolt range from anger over Hydro-Quebec’s mandatory replacement order to concerns the new meters emit dangerous radio waves.

Vicki May Hamm, the mayor of Magog, Que., in the Eastern Townships, wants to ban the digital devices from her town because of health concerns.

« Scientific studies are contradictory about the health effects of smart meters, » May Hamm told QMI Agency in a recent interview.

The town is currently seeking legal advice to determine if it can pass a bylaw banning the meters.

Meanwhile, 50 anti-smart-meter blogs have popped up across Quebec, offering advice on how customers can block workers from installing the new devices.

A meeting of concerned citizens east of Montreal drew 500 people just before Christmas.

« They’re imposing something in people’s homes and they have no say, » said Montrealer Marie-Michelle Poisson, who sent a 7,000-name petition to the provincial legislature.

Environmental group l’Association quebecoise de lutte contre la pollution atmospherique says that as of October, more than 17,400 old hydro meters were inaccessible to installers, an increase of 74% over the previous three months.

Hydro-Quebec spokesman Serge Abergel says barricading a hydro meter is illegal and potentially deadly.

He says customers have only two choices: a free radio meter or a bare-bones model that Hydro-Quebec has to read manually – for a monthly charge.

> Read the news online on website Sun News Canada


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